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Start your own overseas delivery system just like other providers and provide option to your customer to shop and ship worldwide using our system

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How does the system works

Enter your complete system generated address as your delivery address at checkout.

Step 1: Shop

System will email you when your order is delivered to export facility. Login to release it

Step 2: Ship

After a few days later, you'll receive your shopping at your home

Step 3: Enjoy

Versatile, Seamless & Easy To Manage

Unique locker /account number

Upon Registration, the System assigns a unique locker number /pobox number which the client will use when filling out shipping details on online shops like Amazon, ebay, walmart, cvs, etc….

Create incoming shipment

Customer has the option to CREATE a PRE ALERT (incoming shipment), the client pre-alerts their shipments, then the administrator or employee verifies, approves and generates the shipment to its destination.

Warehouse Management (for incoming shipment)

When Shipment arrives at the warehouse, the warehouse worker will register the package. If the package has already been entered in the system as a pre shipment, then the warehouse worker will scan the shipping label on the box to associate with the customer. If the package is successfully associated to the customer locker/pobox number, it will display in the system as well as in the customer portal Dashboard (PACKAGE REGISTRED or PRODUCTS IN WAREHOUSE). (Pre alert or incoming shipment will be changed to Registered/Arrived package /PRODUCT IN WAREHOUSE status.

Warehouse Management (for fresh shipment)

If the customer did not ADD pre shipment/incoming shipment in the system, the warehouse worker will Register the package and associate with the customer locker/pobox number. On the Employee Portal, the Employee is able to enter all the information like size, weight , description and generate from the Customs Value. At this point No shipment is created.

Custome Actions for customer

Consolidate package (boxes are shipped in original box but together)
Combine & Repack package(boxes are unpacked and put together into one singe box) Return package
Dispose/Trash package


Customer can setup cart on the system, where he can request shopping with Buy for me option. He can place order and system staff will buy and process the order for them.


Live Demo

Our demos are to help prospects’ connect with this feeling of ownership or to see their extended vision of their own needs.
Front Website

Try this demo of front website

This is the demo of front website for customer. Where they can look into your services and other importent things. You can manage the content from the admin side.

Customer Email/Username Password
[email protected] password
Admin Web Panel

Try this demo of app Admin Panel

Admin of the app can get the complete overview of day-to-day business operations and activities. Try this demo to know more about its working process and enthralling features.

Email/Username Password
Admin Login: [email protected] password

Driver App


borderlinx clone, myus clone, shipito clone
USER / Driver

Driver Messenger App

Our driver app provides a more convenient and visually appealing platform for the users to boost their interaction on the platform and to ease their processes. Try this demo to know more about its working process and enthralling features.

Email/Username Password
Driver 1: [email protected] - AGRA-UTTAR PRADESH password
Driver 1: [email protected] - BANGALORE HQ password

System Preview

Software Web Screenshots



borderlinx clone, myus clone, shipito clone
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Add Shipment

Incoming shipment

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Incoming Shipments

Shipment List

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Shipment Detail

Detail Page with info

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Quick Features

Whitelabel Solution

We offer whitelabel solutions wherein you can place whatever brand you want; we will remain unseen. They are of low cost but offer high cost margins.

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One-time fee

No hidden charges as we offer all of this with a single payment. We ensure lifetime updates and the best services with the first and last payment.

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We’ve got your back for any technical support in future. Our Techies are always verily present to answer any query or need.

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Fully Responsive

The technology used is up to date keeping the app and web much enhanced and fully responsive to meet all errands.

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Advanced Dashboard

Your business at a glimpse on your dashboard as a ‘Real Time’ attitude. Dashboard has a quick look at the Food Order status, notifications, and sales, etc.

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Turnkey Solution

A turnkey solution is a kind of gadget constructed end-to-end for a purchaser that can be without difficulty applied into a contemporary commercial enterprise process.

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Our online delivery software help Courier Agencies to manage their shipments.

Freight Forwarding Software


Our delivery software cater startups who specialize in shipment delivery management.

Freight Forwarding Software


Companies who deal in big volume can fullfill thier delivery needs easily with our delivery software.