Courier 3.0

Courier Aggregator Software

We redefine the courier experience, bringing together cutting-edge technology and a seamless network to transform the way you handle deliveries. Say goodbye to the complexities of shipping and hello to a new era of efficiency.

Web Admin
  • Custom Rate Setup for carriers
  • % Based commission setup
  • Complete Operation from Booking to Delivery
eCommerce logistics and shipping software solution
eCommerce logistics and shipping software solution
eCommerce logistics and shipping software solution
eCommerce logistics and shipping software solution
eCommerce logistics and shipping software solution
# Shipment Operation Process

Effortless Shipping with Our Software

Experience a seamless shipping process from booking to delivery, optimizing your logistics every step of the way.

Shipment Booking

Initiate the shipping journey by easily booking your shipments through our user-friendly platform. Provide essential details, and our system takes care of the rest.

Pickup Schedule

Our intelligent system comes up with efficient pickup Schedule, ensuring that your packages are collected promptly and securely from your location, saving you time and effort.

Status Updates

Receive timely updates at every stage through our automated status notification feature. Your shipments are seamlessly updated as they progress through the network, providing you with comprehensive visibility and control over the delivery process.

Secure Delivery

Experience reliable and secure deliveries with our trusted courier partners. Your packages are in safe hands, reaching their destination intact and on time.
#Customer Panel Simplify Your Shipments

Your Central Hub for Efficient Operations

Empower your business with our Customer Panel. Streamline your logistics operations, from order booking to wallet management, all in one place.
  • Effortless order booking for a personalized touch.
  • Streamlined shipment booking process for your convenience.
  • Quick and easy rate calculator to plan your shipments accurately.
  • Weight reconciliation for precise shipping costs.
  • Efficient RTO (Return to Origin) management for seamless handling.
  • NDR (Non-Delivery Report) management for undelivered packages.
  • Convenient wallet management for seamless financial transactions.
Customer Panel Screenshot
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#Admin Panel Empowering Administrators

Efficient Management
With Our Application

Take control of your logistics operations with our admin features. Simplify management tasks and enhance your efficiency.
  • Master management for centralized control.
  • Zone master management for geographical control.
  • Carrier management for efficient partnership handling & APIs.
  • Serviceable pincode management for targeted carriers.
  • Product management for each carrier for package control.
  • Price management for competitive pricing based on zones and weight range.
  • Shipment management for overseeing the entire shipping process.
  • RTO (Return to Origin) management for efficient handling of returns.
  • NDR (Non-Delivery Report) management for undelivered packages.
# Front Website

Your Shipping Solution
Accessible to Everyone

Explore the benefits of our courier aggregator software. Elevate your shipping experience with features designed for simplicity and efficiency.
  • Refreshing to experience such a personalized touch.
  • Seamlessly track your shipments at your customer convenience.
  • Simplified registration and login flow for a seamless customer experience.
  • Provide company information and more about your company mission to your customers.
  • Provide details about your carriers and trusted partners.
Courier Software Aggregator Front

Powered by a Seamless Integration with Leading Carriers

Embark on a shipping journey with confidence. Our courier aggregator software is meticulously designed and powered by cutting-edge integration technology. We're proud to feature an extensive network of trusted carriers, carefully selected to elevate your shipping experience.

Through the latest technology, we've established seamless connections with industry leaders, ensuring a robust and reliable shipping ecosystem. This integration allows us to provide you with a comprehensive range of shipping solutions, tailored to meet your unique needs.

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Courier Management Software USA

Customer Panel

Courier Management Software USA

Admin Panel

Courier Management Software USA
# Unlock the Power of Our eCommerce Logistics and Shipping Software

Discover Robust Software Features

Explore the comprehensive features of our courier aggregator software designed to elevate your shipping experience.

Complete System Operation

Experience a seamless end-to-end logistics journey with our comprehensive system operations. From initiating order bookings and efficiently creating shipments to seamlessly managing pickup schedules, orchestrating shipment deliveries, and handling Return to Origin (RTO), Non-Delivery Reports (NDR), and exceptions – our system has you covered at every step of the logistics process.

COD & Prepaid Shipment Modes

Empower your shipping choices with our flexible COD (Cash on Delivery) and Prepaid Shipment modes. Whether you prefer the convenience of paying upfront or the flexibility of paying upon delivery, our system accommodates both options, providing you and your customers with a hassle-free and customizable shipping experience.

Customer Portal

Unlock a world of convenience with our dedicated Customer Portal. Empowering your customers, the portal provides seamless management of bookings, shipments, NDR (Non-Delivery Reports), RTO (Return to Origin), wallet transactions, and more. Offering a user-friendly interface, it ensures a personalized and efficient experience for your valued customers.

Admin Portal

Empower your business with our dedicated Admin Portal, a robust platform offering unparalleled control and management capabilities. Admins can effortlessly master key aspects such as zones, carriers, carrier products, weight ranges, pincodes, and more. Manage bookings, shipments, NDR, RTO, wallet transactions, carrier commissions, and customer pricing with precision and ease. Our Admin Portal is designed to streamline your logistics operations and enhance overall efficiency.

Staff Portal

Introducing the Staff Portal, a dedicated space within our system designed to enhance collaboration and streamline operations. Admins have the flexibility to create staff users, each equipped with specific privileges and permissions tailored to their role. Staff members can seamlessly log in to the portal to perform various activities, contributing to the smooth functioning of your logistics processes. Admins maintain full control over staff privileges, ensuring security and efficiency across every module. Elevate teamwork and efficiency with our intuitive Staff Portal.

Customer Onboarding & KYC

Experience hassle-free onboarding with our customer-centric approach. Customers can easily create an account and log in, gaining immediate access to essential features. To ensure security and compliance, our system employs an automated API process for KYC (Know Your Customer), utilizing Aadhar and GST information. This two-step verification process not only enhances security but also unlocks additional functionalities for users post KYC completion. Join us in simplifying customer onboarding and ensuring a secure, seamless experience.


Rate Calculator

Empower yourself with our intuitive Rate Calculator, available for both admins and customers. This tool provides a quick and accurate way to calculate shipping rates, ensuring transparency and convenience in the shipping process. Admins can set up and adjust rates seamlessly, while customers can estimate shipping costs effortlessly. Take control of your shipping expenses and make informed decisions with our user-friendly Rate Calculator.

Shipping Label Design

Unlock the power of customization with our Shipping Label Design feature. Customers have the freedom to personalize and redesign their shipping labels, adding a touch of uniqueness to their packages. Our easy-to-use design interface lets users create labels that reflect their brand identity while ensuring all essential shipping information is prominently displayed. Streamline your shipping process and make a lasting impression with professionally designed and customized shipping labels.

Pin Code Serviceability

Empower your logistics management with our Pin Code Serviceability feature. Admins can effortlessly upload and manage serviceable pincodes carrier-wise, ensuring a seamless and accurate delivery network. Enhance your reach and streamline operations by precisely defining the areas your services cover.

Tracking Page

Experience real-time transparency with our intuitive Tracking Page. Both customers and admins gain access to comprehensive shipment information, ensuring they stay informed at every stage of the delivery process. Stay in control and provide your customers with the visibility they deserve, fostering trust and satisfaction.

Rates & Shipping

Effortlessly manage your pricing strategy with our Rates & Shipping feature. Admins can easily set up rates and pricing for each product in the admin panel, providing flexibility and control over the cost structure. Fine-tune your shipping charges and enhance your revenue management with a user-friendly and efficient pricing system.

Zone Management

Elevate your delivery network with our Zone Management feature. In addition to fixed zones, administrators can define Special Zones and Metro Zones, providing a tailored approach to logistics planning. Seamlessly upload and manage pincode lists, ensuring precise control over serviceability in distinct regions.

Carrier Management

Streamline your carrier operations with our Carrier Management feature. Admins can efficiently manage carriers, toggle services on/off, perform backend API code updates, and set commission rates. Enhance control and flexibility in carrier partnerships to optimize your logistics infrastructure.

Product Management

Unleash product diversity with our Product Management feature. Admins can create an unlimited number of products within each carrier, defining crucial attributes such as weight range, mode (domestic/international), parcel type (document/parcel), carrier selection, volumetric weight setup, COD limit setup, and maximum weight for each product. Empower your logistics offerings with precision and customization.

Serviceable Pincodes

Extend your service footprint with our Serviceable Pincodes feature. Admins can efficiently upload and manage serviceable pincodes based on each carrier, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information on areas covered. Enhance your logistics reach and deliver exceptional service to customers in diverse regions.

Weight Discrepancies

Optimize pricing accuracy with our Weight Discrepancies feature. Admins can effortlessly upload CSV files to manage weight discrepancies shipment-wise. The system dynamically calculates new pricing, ensuring fair and transparent charges for customers. Streamline your financial operations with precise weight reconciliation.

COD Management

Empower your cash-on-delivery (COD) transactions with our COD Management feature. Admins gain full control over COD transactions, enabling seamless fund release from the admin panel to customer accounts. Utilize various third-party options such as bank transfers, UPI, and more for efficient and secure financial transactions.


Shipping Charges

Provide transparency to your customers by enabling them to view shipping charges for each order effortlessly.


Empower customers with a comprehensive wallet system, allowing them to track shipment charges, both debits and credits, along with a detailed transaction history.

Credit Note

Enhance financial interactions with the ability for admins to add credit notes. Customers can conveniently view these credits in their billing account's credit note section.


Equip your admin team with comprehensive sales and shipment reports, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Helpdesk Ticket Raised System

Enable seamless communication between customers and your team by integrating a helpdesk ticket system. Customers can raise tickets in their account panel, and your team can efficiently resolve issues.

Email Alerts to Customers

Ensure a streamlined user experience with an inbuilt email alert system covering various aspects such as registration OTP, account activation, credit note notifications, transaction updates, and more.

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Seamless Expansion Across
Top E-commerce Channels

Unlock unprecedented growth by effortlessly integrating with powerhouse e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Amazon, Magento, OpenCart, and more. Elevate your business reach and potential with a single, unified logistics solution.

Explore Channels
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PhonePe integrated courier software Paytm integrated courier software Razorpay integrated courier software Instamojo integrated courier software PayU integrated courier software Cashfree integrated courier software Skrill integrated courier software Stripe integrated courier software PayPal integrated courier software

Empowering Your Transactions

Supercharge your payments with a diverse range of industry-leading payment gateways into our software. Seamlessly integrate PhonePe, Paytm, Razorpay, Instamojo, PayU, Cashfree, Skrill, Stripe, PayPal, and more into your logistics experience.

  • Experience secure and efficient transactions to elevate your business to new heights.
  • Our payment gateway integration ensures a seamless and secure transaction process, providing your customers with trust and reliability.
  • Expand your market reach by offering multiple payment options, catering to diverse customer preferences and fostering increased sales.
  • With real-time transaction tracking and reporting, stay in control of your financial operations and gain valuable insights into your business performance.
# Elevate with Ease

High-performance, scalable, secure solution.

Experience the future of logistics, designed for swift operations and unmatched efficiency. Unlock seamless logistics management with our high-performance, scalable, secure, and lightning-fast solution.

Peak Performance

Experience logistics at its best. Our high-performance system ensures swift and efficient operations, providing a seamless experience for both businesses and customers.


Limitless Scalability

Our solution is designed to scale with your business, increasing demands and ensuring smooth management as your business expands.


Fortress of Security

Your logistics data is our top priority. Our robust security measures ensure that your sensitive information is safeguarded throughout the entire logistics process.


Rapid Velocity

Our solution is optimized for speed, ensuring rapid order processing, quick delivery, and an overall swift logistics experience for you and your customers.